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Being Pro-Active! How Often You Should Check Fluids

It’s interesting sometimes how times change. Some of us here at Vansyckle Kia-Suzuki are old enough to remember when “checking fluids” was a task done on a weekly basis. While we’re not going to share with you who’s actually “old enough”, we will share with you that this checking process […]

5 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore Part 2

In part one of this post, we started touching on car noises you should not ignore – mainly noises coming from an axle in regards to a wheel bearing or cv axle, brakes, as well as hissing noises coming from under the hood in a coolant or overheating situation. Let’s […]

10 Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Car Pt 2

In part one, we discussed just over half of the winterizing tips to get your vehicle ready for this years battle with ’ole Man Winter. Unless you’re a gambling person, I wouldn’t expect an easy winter like last year. Let’s finish up, so you can get on with the preparations! […]

10 Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Car Pt 1

There’s no denying it – winter is literally right around the corner.  Like Christmas shopping, it seems many of us put off winterizing our vehicles until the last possible minute. So – if you’re one of the many who haven’t started or even thought about the process of this yearly […]

We’ve Taken over the Bangor Mall!

For the entire month of February, we will have 18 brand new Kias on display in the Bangor Mall! Get to know the new Kias inside where it’s nice and warm. If you have any questions, one of our knowledgeable staff members will be on hand at the center counter! […]

I Know Smoking Is Bad For Me, But What About My Car?

Easy folks – we haven’t been endorsed by the Surgeon General to give a lecture on the negatives of smoking and it’s relation to your health. We’ll leave that expert advise to your doctor. We will however, pass along some useful tidbits on smoke and how it relates to your […]

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