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The Gold Experts-Bangor & Ellsworth


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570 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, Maine 04401
Open today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Father’s Day/Graduation

Do you need some quick cash for the perfect father’s day or graduation gift?  If the answer is yes then come check out The Gold Experts.  I bet you have a jewelry box full of pieces you don’t wear anymore or is broken beyond fixing, that you could turn into […]

Back to Work

Memorial Day weekend is over, and like most of you The Gold Experts are back to work.   Most of you already know that we pay you the most for all of your unwanted gold, silver and platinum, in a clean, safe, friendly and professional environment.   As for everyone who doesn’t […]

Book A Gold Party Today!!!!!

Get your friends and family together for a gold party and earn cash for your unwanted or broken gold and silver. A gold party is the fast, fun way to earn money while cleaning out your unwanted gold or silver. You are paid 10% of total sales, on the spot, […]

Yard Sale Season

Warm weather is almost here, and that means that it is almost the start of the yard sale season here in Maine.  Many people miss out on the value of their old pieces because they assume that it is junk and sell it for next to nothing in their annual […]

Scrap, Broken and out of Style

Do you have scrap, broken, or out of style jewelry that you will never wear again?  If you answered yes then The Gold Experts can help.  We pay you the most for all of your unwanted gold and silver, in a clean safe and friendly environment.  So stop in anytime, […]

Gold and Silver Coins

Did you know that The Gold Experts also buy gold and silver coins?  That’s right!  Whether it is bullion or currency we will pay you the most.  Not sure if your coins are gold or silver?  No problem!  We would be more than happy to look at anything you have.  […]

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