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Most people think winter when they hear energy efficiency, but adequate insulation can keep your house cooler in the summer, too.  Schedule a FREE consult with Evergreen Home Performance to learn how attic insulation and air sealing can keep you comfortable all year round.  

Every consult includes FREE infrared analysis, which highlights temperature differences to reveal air leaks and insulation gaps. Don’t let the warm weather discourage you: infrared analysis gives us valuable information year-round. In winter, we look for places where heat is leaking out of your home, but this time of year, we look for leaks that pull heat in. The pathways are the same, and air sealing and insulating them will make your home cooler all summer – and warmer all winter.

Don’t let hot summer days make you choose between sweltering nights or the glacial cool of an air conditioner eating a hole in your family’s budget.  If attic insulation and air sealing are done right, you can sleep better through the summer months, enjoying the pleasures of the season instead of dreaming of the return of cooler weather.  Contact us today and learn how cash incentives and loans from Efficiency Maine make home energy efficiency projects easy and affordable.