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Charles-Hubert Skeleton Watches


This premium skeleton watch from Charles-Hubert and Pyramid Studios features 17 jewel movement, stainless steel case, and fascinating watch-works in motion! Style #3887

Want some entertainment that’s classic, timeless, and practical in one bundle? Have a look at Pyramid’s line of Skeleton watches from Charles-Hubert…. Skeleton watches are ones in which all or some of the moving parts are visible through either the front of the watch, the back of the watch or a cut in the dial. And the movements of the gears and springs in these watches are fascinating!

Automatic or Mechanical Movements

Charles-Hubert Skeleton watches come in a variety of designs in both mechanical and automatic movements. Watches with a mechanical movement must be hand wound. Power to the watch is generated by turning (winding) the crown and which winds up the watch. An automatic movement is similar to a mechanical or hand wound watch but is self-winding when the watch is worn. Arm movements cause a rotor to spin which delivers power to wind the watch via the mainspring). Either way they are fun to watch and you’ll have an elegant and functional conversation piece.

All Charles-Hubert Paris Watches and Pocket Watches come in an elegantly crafted gift box and include a lifetime warranty. For the Love of Time – checkout Charles-Hubert skeleton watches.

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