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trilobitesTrilobites – Jurassic Jewelry

Trilobites were one of the first jewelry items, so it’s fitting for Jurassic June at Pyramid to celebrate this unique and extinct species!

These fossilized arthropods hold the distinction of being the first dominant form of complex life on earth. They appeared at a time when the world was just emerging from its “Frozen Planet” state and the seas were ripe for the blossoming of biodiversity, about 700 million years ago. 

Much, much, later cavemen or women evidently found trilobites fascinating because they were used in some of the first recorded jewelry: at Arcy-sur-Cure in France, a 15,000-year- old human settlement, one of the artifacts found by archaeologists was a trilobite that had been drilled to be worn as an amulet.

Although the last of the trilobites went extinct 245 million years ago, they “live” again as gorgeous unique jewelry.  The oval trilobite form makes it a perfect choice for pendants.

The pattern and texture of these fossilized trilobites have an aesthetic appeal for all to wear – all ages, men and women alike. All jewelry has a story but owning something  25o million years old is quite the conversation starter.

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