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How far away is that lightning storm?

Want to time your jog to the second? The time between lightning and the crash of thunder? Or your child’s trip around the little league bases? This is where the chronograph is welcome tool!

Chronograph Basics


Charles Hubert Gold-Plated Chronograph Men’s Watch Luminous Hands and Dial ~ Calfskin Band ~ Water Resistant to 5ATM ~Model 3895-G

 The mechanical chronograph is perhaps the most recognizable addition to be seen on a watch since the late 60’s. It is also one of the least understood. The chronograph is simply a stopwatch integrated into a wristwatch.

The first things you’ll notice about chronographs are the extra subdials and the buttons, or pushers, along the side of the case.

These pushers start, stop, and reset the timing function, while the rest of the watch runs as usual.Press of the top pusher brings the chronograph dials to life, starting with the long, centered seconds hand. Every trip that hand makes around the dial will be recorded in one of the sub dials, so one doesn’t have to watch and count the number of times it passes Go.

Many models in Pyramid’s Charles-Hubert Watch Collection feature chronographs! 

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