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Shark! Safe to go back in the water?

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

jaws_shark-10789Next summer is the 40th Anniversary of the film Jaws! That film ruined an entire summer of swimming for me. Even lake swimming freaked me out. Such a chicken.

To make matters worse, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week turns 26 years old this year, making it the longest running cable news “event” in history.

Despite this annual propaganda, we know there is not much to fear from a shark unless you are poking it in the nose with a stick while swimming in a pool of fish chum. Only an average of 5 shark related deaths are reported annually. Statistically speaking, almost anything is more dangerous than a shark, including deer, bathtubs, shopping on Black Friday, icicles, vending machines, and roller coasters.


So celebrate and go swimming! And shop our exciting line of jewelry from fossilized Ancient Shark Teeth!

Species of ancient shark prowled the oceans prior to raptors and T-Rex. Their history goes back to at least 400 million years ago. Modern forms of sharks evolved during the Jurassic Period about 150 million years ago. Fossils are “impressions” of ancient life preserved in rocks. Over thousands to millions of years, minerals replace the natural materials of the teeth creating the fossils that we see today. The presence of this minerals accounts for the variation in color of the teeth. Whereas modern shark teeth are white, the mineralized teeth are richly colored in grays, browns and blacks.

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