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The best gift for Dad, other than quality time with you, is something he might not have thought of and something that is tailor-made for him.

Give a gift of a luxury custom dress shirt.  It is made to his measurements and has the design details he prefers sewn in Italian fabrics.

JHilburn is the leading luxury men’s custom shirtmaker with output of more than 20,000 shirts per month.  His can be on its way to him in 2-3 weeks.

A custom shirt is a great place to start, and follow that with a personalized suit:  the fit you want in jacket, trousers, and/or vest that is adjusted to the your shoulder, chest, and arm and body length and then finished to your liking with all variations of lapel, buttoning, pockets, vents, and lining!

Call Dee:  207-323-0062 for an appointment.