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Home energy efficiency has a new godfather, and his name is James Brown.

We have building science blog Energy Vanguard to thank for finding this incredible video of the Godfather of Soul explaining how a blower door helps energy advisors assess your home’s air leakage. It’s entertaining, to be sure, but James Brown does a pretty good job explaining this staple of any energy audit.

“The blower door blows air out … this forces air to flow through cracks in the house,” he explains. “Gauges compare the air blowing through the fan to the pressure drop across the doorway. This allows the crew to calculate how leaky the house is.”

Evergreen Home Performance can’t promise the excitement of a James Brown Energy Audit (Brown died in 2006, or we swear we’d bring him on the team), but we can provide top-notch energy assessment with Brown’s favorite tools. When you and your Energy Advisor know where your home is leaking air – and wasting energy – you can customize an energy efficiency solution.

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