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Godzilla celebrates his 60th Birthday this year!
Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

godzilla1954c 851Godzilla has only been around since his starring role film debut film in 1954. His name, from the Japanese word Gojira, means the cross between a gorilla and a whale, and he was supposedly named after a corpulent screen hand on the film’s set at Toho Studios, as the script was untitled when filming began. Toho has since made 27 Godzilla films. An American studio also made a Zilla film in 1998, so the monster has been around at least five more films than James Bond.

The materials used for our Pyramid’s Jurassic Jewelry have been around a bit longer than Godzilla, some are fossil remnants of creatures that lived up to 500 million years ago.

Fossils, amber and ancient ivories are featured in our Jurassic Jewelry collection. The natural patterns, varied textures and warm colors have a timeless beauty. Imagine wearing jewelry crafted today yet rooted to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth! Capture the magic of the ages with Pyramid’s Jurassic Jewelry.

Pyramid Studios selections made from fossilized Dinosaur Bone, Ancient Mammoth Tusk, Trilobites (marine invertebrates), fossilized snails or tree resin are distinct jewelry pieces made from fossils of extinct species. These fossilized materials are estimated between 5,000 to 500 million years old. No dinosaur, or any other creatures, were harmed in the making of our jewelry.

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