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The .34ct emerald in this pendant is a beautiful vivid, rich green color. The emerald is rectangular in shape measuring 4.6 mm x 3.9 mm. in a four prong 18 karat white gold halo setting. The pendant is also set with thirty nine diamonds with a total diamond weight of .12 carat.

For the Girl Born in May!

Emerald is the birthstone for May and is the most precious gemstone in the beryl family. Emerald’s green color is unlike any other in the gem world. Almost all natural emeralds contain characteristic inclusions which are filled with oil or resins to fill the tiny cracks. Although they require a bit more loving care than other gemstones, the beautiful green color of the emerald is so highly prized and unmatched by any other gemstone, that it is centuries old favorite for jewelry. For this reason, inclusions are tolerated more in emerald than virtually any other gem. These flaws are considered part of the character of the stone and differentiate a natural stone from a laboratory created emerald. The emerald cut was specially designed for this gemstone.


A stunning tear-drop shaped Emerald graces a four prong, 14kt white gold setting. The stone measures 7.5mm x 5.1mm and weighs .90CT.

History Of The Emerald

Columbia has traditionally been the largest producer of gem quality emeralds. The ancient Egyptians mined emeralds nearly 4,000 years ago, and Cleopatra was an avid collector. South America’s rich bounty of emeralds was discovered by 16th Century Spanish explorers who found large emeralds in the possession of the Aztecs and Incas. Believed by the ancients to empower the owner with foresight into the future, emerald is regarded as an amulet for good fortune.

Today, most of the world’s emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. Emeralds can be cut in a variety of different shapes, ranging from the traditional rectangular step-cut, known as the “emerald cut,” to rounds, ovals, squares and cabochons.

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