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This Story Made Me Cry!

“I was on my honeymoon and dreamed about a diamond inside a pearl.”

At Pyramid Studios we feel all jewelry has a story. This one began as a romantic dream and then took substance, shape, form, and beauty makes it unforgettable.

We are often involved in helping shape someone’s dream, from engagement rings to restyling new jewelry from old treasures. But we’ve never been asked to build an actual sleeping type dream. Which is how this piece came about…. first, a bit of history and biology–

The Dream

Bill woke on his honeymoon having dreamed of a gift for his wife, Laura. Both have been friends of Pyramid for years. Our studio designed their wedding and engagement rings. They were also fans and collectors of the dusky, high luster Cook Island Pearls. So, before his dream, Bill knew the biology of pearls and the hole formed by the nuclei.


Making Of A Pearl

To culture a pearl- a bead of mother of pearl nuclei is inserted into the saltwater oyster between the mantle and the oyster’s inner shell. The mantle doesn’t like this and, after trying to reject the bead, it begins to cover up the problem by coating the bead with thin layers of nacre. Thousands of these thin nacre layers harden over the two to six year growth and make-up the pearl. But inside those hardened layers is the nuclei bead. We have some pearls we can shake and faintly hear the bead rattling about.

Bringing The Dream To Life

pearl2jpgHis dream was to put a family heirloom diamond, about 2/3 of a carat into the hole  formed by the nuclei. A diamond hidden inside something equally beautiful. David, Pyramid’s co owner and chief designer, found this impossibly romantic and welcomed the challenge. After the husband selected the Cook Island pearl David put together a fine diamond wheel on a diamond table saw for the project. He had cut the fine white, smaller, Akoya pearls before but was surprised by the strength and thickness of the nacre formed by the black lipped oyster to create the Cook Island pearl.

David then created a Sterling Silver hinged door for the pearl locket with a pendant loop. The clasp is a simple prong and hook with nods to a treasure chest. The diamond, originally in a ring, was given a new three prong gold setting to fit it’s new, dark home.

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