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Pyramid Rev’s up Fordite Jewelry!

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

Fordite Jewelry is by-product of our industrial age! Imagine a paint spray booth in an old automotive plant. Thousands of cars are painted, in a myriad of colors, and the over-spray mounts up, sometimes inches thick. And each layer is extremely hard, durable, and dense in color. Once this residue dries, the material, called Fordite or Motor Agate, can be cut, polished, and up-cycled into very cool jewelry.

Fordite is urban hip, finding beauty in something termed “useless”, and transforming it into something of higher value. Recently we had a customer bring in a baggie of a local version of Fordite we named Hinckleyite – the layer residue from the spray booth at Hinckley Boat yard. It was very cool, but unworkable as jewelry. Boat paint and varnish don’t dry as hard and fast as automotive paint.

So if you are a car enthusiast, NASCAR fan, or someone who just likes wild and colorful jewelry with a story, Fordite just might get the checkered flag!

These pendants are both side drilled and include a rubber cord. Unisex and great for all ages.