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JHilburn brand

designed by you, made by JHilburn.


Our suits, shirts and trousers are all crafted of fabrics from the finest mills in the world, and more often than not, this means Italy. Luxury starts with premium materials, so we insist on using only the best.

Why you might need a custom fit shirt:  buying off the rack for your neck,makes your sleeves not fit (and vice versa), your shirt comes un-tucked, there’s way too much fabric under the arm, the shoulders are too tight or too droopy, etc.

We believe truly custom menswear starts with a personal fitting. That’s why we have a growing network of over 3000 Personal Stylists who are trained and certified to measure you for an unmatched custom fit.


Direct from the finest makers in the world, our garments are delivered to you at a value that is impossible for traditional retailers to match.

Call for an appointment or  a gift certificate for a custom and personalized shirt.