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The Amber Road

The Amber Road is one of the world’s top ten ancient highways. Amber was traded along this route linking the Baltic with the Adriatic seas. The most extensive deposits of amber were found along the Baltic Shores and amber became known as “the gold of the sea” or “gold from the north”. Today, the route can be followed from St. Petersburg, Russia across eastern and central Europe to Venice, Italy.

IMG_0049Amber Sterling Silver Pendant

This amber sterling silver pendant features a softly polished rich honey colored golden amber. The sterling silver bezel flows nicely around the amber. This pendant includes a 20″ box 24 sterling silver chain.


Trapped Sunshine

Ancient trees, either damaged or reacting to abrupt climate exuded a resin as protection or to cover the hurt area. Fossilized, this resin became the gemstone we know as amber. Sometimes, insects or plant materials became trapped in the amber.  Golden amber has a soft shimmering glow compared throughout history to sunshine.

At Pyramid Studios we find amber a glowing addition to any jewelry box. 

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