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Evergreen Home Performance | Energy Efficiency Audits & Insulation | MaineIt’s home improvement season – and this spring is a perfect time to prepare your home for next heating season.   Schedule a FREE consult with Evergreen Home Performance to find out how you can gain comfort and cut costs – qualify for up to $1500 back from Efficiency Maine!

Every consult includes FREE infrared analysis, which highlights temperature differences to reveal air leaks and insulation gaps.  Don’t let the warm weather discourage you: our infrared cameras are sophisticated enough to reveal thermal gaps year-round. This video proves it! When you and your Energy Advisor know where energy is being wasted, you can customize an energy efficiency solution.

Efficiency Maine’s loan programs can help you finance your efficiency project.  Homeowners pursuing eligible energy improvements can qualify for long-term, low-interest loans, plus an incentive of up to $1500.  Contact Evergreen at 594-2244 to learn more and to schedule your FREE energy consult.