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Diamond Cut ~ One of the Four C’s

A beautifully finished round cut diamond is dazzling, with every facet displaying the craftsman’s skill and care. When a diamond interacts with light, every angle and every facet affects the amount of light returned to the eye. This is what gives it its face-up appearance. Round brilliant cuts are the most popular  (about 75% of diamonds sold are round) and ideal round brilliants are faceted to maximize the refraction of light to deliver maximum sparkle. The second most popular cut is the princess cut although many other cuts are available such as oval and marquise.

What is Achieved

cutA beautiful diamond looks the way it does because of three optical effects: white light reflections called brightness, flashes of color called fire, and areas of light and dark called scintillation. Pattern is the relative size, arrangement, and contrast of bright and dark areas that result from a diamond’s internal and external reflections. There must be enough contrast between the bright and dark areas to give the pattern a crisp, sharp look. 

Everything has to be taken into account when cutting a diamond: if a diamond is cut too shallow the inbound light will disappear out the bottom of of the stone. Conversely, if the stone is cut too deep the light will escape out the sides. But a great cut will give back scintillation, brightness, fire.

The diamond cut that best exemplifies these optical effects is a Round Cut Brilliant–and since it is the most popular cut this also makes it less  expensive for the consumer. So if you want the most bang for the buck get a Round Cut Brilliant Diamond.

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