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Evergreen Home Performance | Energy Efficiency Audits & Insulation | MaineAt Evergreen Home Performance, we believe that Earth Day is a little like New Year’s Day: an annual reminder to do what we should do all year long.

We’re thinking about cutting carbon rather than calories, but this is definitely the year to get serious. According to recent research, climate change is already affecting worldwide weather, food crops, health, and sea levels. Luckily, there’s still time to reduce the consequences, and powerful climate change solutions begin at home – especially in the United States, where nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions come from commercial and residential buildings.

Evergreen Home Performance can help you make this year’s Earth Day resolutions a reality. Schedule a FREE consult to find out how insulation, air sealing, basement encapsulation, and other energy-smart services can cut overall energy use by 25-50%, trimming your carbon footprint while improving your home. Contact us at 594-2244 to get started today!