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Live Oaks, Monkey Hill, and Southern Gates Jewelry

Most of of New Orleans is flat and below sea level. It is so flat that in the park bearing his name, John James Audubon had a mound of earth built 28 feet high, so the kids of New Orleans would have the opportunity to “experience a hill”. Audobon Park still boasts the highest point of land in New Orleans – Monkey Hill. Visitors to the park enjoy the zoo featuring a rare albino alligator,  classic aviary, and some of the oldest Live Oaks in the country.

Hundred Year Old Oaks

034_MediumTwo of the parks trees date back to the 1690’s. Live oaks are named because of strength and endurance. Even though they are flammable, a fire will rarely reach the crown of the tree which allows it to survive. The wood from live oaks is so strong and tough that the U.S.S. Constitution, it’s hull constructed of live oak, was given the nick name “Old Ironsides” because British Cannonballs bounced off it.

Southern Live Oak is the biggest tree species on the eastern side of the Rockies. One of the largest trees in the park has an impressive girth at breast height of 35’2″ and has a crown spread of 165! Much of the volume of these trees is in the branches rather than the trunk. Seeing these monumental trees draped with moss is a wonder of the world.

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One of the most popular motifs for jewelry at Pyramid Studios is the “Tree of Life” in Sterling Silver from our Southern Gates Collection. The Tree of Life designs “speak” to people of the circle of life, family, growth and connections.