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At Pyramid Studios, jewelers of Ellsworth, Sapphires are our first choice for alternative engagement rings. We love their strength and vibrancy of color. Besides their famous blues, sapphires are available in every color except red, that is reserved for rubies of the same mineral family, corundum. Sapphires, rating a 9.0on the Mohs’ scale, are second only to diamonds for hardness. Not only beautiful–they can withstand the day to day trials engagement rings must endure.

Sapphire’s have been one of the most popular gemstones throughout the ages, especially as an engagement ring, but it recently had royal surge in popularity because of the Princess Kate ring. But even before the the royal engagement we’d seen a big upswing in purchases of rings with colored stones.

At Pyramid we’ve help countless couples design their own rings and the basic steps to building the perfect ring are remarkably easy. I’m going to illustrate using a sapphire as the main stone but all the steps for traditional rings would apply to diamonds or other gems as the feature stone.

 Step 1: Find the perfect jeweler—that, of course, would be Pyramid Studios.  David and Don’s engagement and wedding designs have been the choice for thousands of couples in Maine and our customer friends around the planet for three generations. For this blog we’re using one of David’s designs, a Ceylon Blue Sapphire in an 18KT White Gold Sapphire Diamond Halo setting, as a beautiful example of sapphire ring design.

Anyone considering an engagement ring, most likely, already has a a basic style and design in mind. Whether it be a classic design like a solitaire diamond, a three stone ring, a halo design, or something more modern–it all begins with a conversation. Talk to your jeweler (Pyramid Studios) and build a ring that fits your dream and lifestyle.

Step 2: Find the perfect stone. This is arguably the most expensive part of the process, unless you are using a family stone and “recycling” to a setting you prefer. We’ve had many clients bring in the stone from Grandmother’s ring to update to a modern setting and/or mix and match with new stones. Pyramid’s professionals are a wealth of knowledge in selecting new colored gemstones or diamonds, take his advice and remember –  in choosing a stone: quantity does not equal quality.

At right is a 3.91 carat Ceylon Blue Sapphire measuring 10.21 x 8.15mm and a depth of 6mm. The cut of this stone is marvelous- giving back to the beholder all the light and color possible. (If a stone is cut too shallow light is lost out the bottom; if cut too deep light escapes from the side of the stone).



Step 3: Choose the perfect setting. It should be beautiful and fit your lifestyle. There are thousands of choice’s available but most people couples know their favorites. New Computer Assisted Design (CAD) programs will help us help you narrow the decision process.

To fit the Ceylon Sapphire David designed this 18KT White Gold Diamond Halo setting with a European shank (squared at the bottom). The total diamond in this ring is .44 carats.




4a: Sit back and let your jeweler ( David or Don at Pyramid Studios) work his magic!

4b: Get engaged.



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