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before&after basement

Encapsulation totally transforms damp, dank basements into clean, dry spaces.

Spring thaw turning your basement into a wading pool?  Water seeping into your home through foundation leaks or a dirt cellar floor is more than an inconvenience.  Unwanted moisture causes major structural rot problems, fosters the growth of unhealthy mold spores, and contaminates your breathing air with unpleasant must and odor.

Evergreen Home Performance encapsulates basements to keep out moisture and increase the health and durability of your home.  Basement encapsulation and air sealing also prevent cold air from infiltrating your foundation, so the improvement that keeps your home dry this spring will also keep it warm next winter.

This is the perfect time of year to evaluate a damp or wet basement, and Evergreen offers FREE consults to help you discover how a dry, pleasant basement can improve the comfort and efficiency of your whole home.  Contact us today and learn how rebates from Efficiency Maine make home energy efficiency projects easy and affordable.