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Evergreen Home Performance | Energy Effiiciency Audits & Insulation | MaineThe calendar says “spring,” and we’re going with it! It’s finally time to think less about heating bills and more about the spring thaw. But where is all that moisture going?

Whatever your basement looks like, chances are that moisture from the spring thaw will evaporate from Midcoast Maine’s hard packed marine clay and diffuse into your home. High levels of moisture in the house can lead to corrosion, decay and rot, mold and mildew, and poor indoor air quality.

Evergreen Home Performance encapsulates basements to keep out moisture and increase the health and durability of your home.  Basement encapsulation and air sealing also prevent cold air from infiltrating your foundation, so the improvement that keeps your home dry this spring will also keep it warm next winter.

This is the perfect time of year to evaluate a damp or wet basement, so contact Evergreen at 594-2244 for your FREE Spring Energy Consult and learn how $1500 rebates from Efficiency Maine make home energy efficiency projects easy and affordable.