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rembrandt-charms-st-patsPyramid Battles Leprechauns for Lucky Charms

Over the past week the Pyramid Crew has been in a battle of riddles and wits with a short and wily Irishman. “How long is a piece of string?” “How high is up?” “If seeing is believing, how come looks are deceiving?” were all asked and answered and we won access to a pot of Lucky Charms.

Rembrandt Charms

Digging into the pot we found beauties of Celtic Design from Rembrandt Charms, the worlds largest designer of quality charms with choices  including green four leaf clovers, Sterling Silver crosses and Celtic Knots. Shaun (The Leprechaun) told us that most Celtic Knots are endless (much like any discussion with Shaun over  a pint of Guinness ), and symbolize the repeated, and never-ending, crossings between the physical and spiritual in our lives.

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