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Dear Guest,

We have proudly been offering ALL of our hotel patrons FREE BREAKFAST for a few months now. This is no gimmick. We put out daily a FULL SERVICE FREE HOT BUFFET BREAKFAST, not a continental or scaled back offering. Our breakfast offers a wide variety of hot items as well as coffee, juice, fruit, etc.. We have been blown away by the success of this program. We never expected so many guests to simply say “thank you, we will definitely be back” because of the free breakfast. We have also been pleasantly surprised by our increase in repeat business. We have been overwhelmed by compliments and we plan to keep them coming. Below is a real life example of how it all breaks down for you.

Hotel A

Price of Hotel room (example)) $100

Price of Breakfast for 4 people (average $8 per person) $32

Meals and lodging tax 8% of $132=10.46

Total cost for 1 night, with Breakfast, for a  family of 4 = $152.92



Price of Hotel room (example) $100

Price of Breakfast for 4 people…ZERO

Meals and Lodging tax 8%=$8.00

Total Cost for 1 night, with breakfast, for a family of 4= $108


There you have it. The choice is clear. When you stay at the Ramada for one night you you can bank on saving +/-$44.92 per day. That means if you plan on staying 2 nights at the Ramada you will almost save $100.

All of our guests also receive unlimited, continuous and SUPER FAST FREE WI-FI. We just installed a brand new state of the art High Speed Wi-Fi system and rumor has it one of our guests was still on our network almost a mile away. Also, our pool is completely redone, huge, warm and beautiful and our 2013 shuttle van is ready to get you around town.

So current guests, future guests please give us a call today at (207) 947-6961 or go to www.ramada.com to make a reservation. We look forward to earning your business.


Free R. Martin CHA

General Manager