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Aquamarine Stackable Rings

Aquamarine Stackable rings celebrate those born in March with wide assortment of Aquamarine in sterling with textures, finishes, widths and styles to brighten your fingers with sparkle and shine.

The Traditional March Birthstone

If you enjoy the rich, crystalline blues that make Caribbean getaways so spectacular, then you should love aquamarine, the traditional birthstone for the month of March. As a matter of fact, aquamarine’s name, derived from Latin, is a function of its color and means “water of the sea.”

Aquamarine in History

Aquamarine, however, pre-dates even the Roman Empire and has been highly prized for thousands of years. Revered for its oceanic colors, it was also considered by the ancients to have a number of very special qualities. Some felt it would improve one’s courage or increase wisdom, while others felt it would help strengthen the bonds of lovers and married couples. A timeless stone, aqua’s popularity and mystique have continued to grow over the centuries.

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