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admin-ajax (16)Scientists at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology have just completed a three year study with conclusive proof diamonds have a shelf life far exceeding a box of chocolates.
“We knew at the start chocolates did not have the strength of diamonds” explained Dr. Faldacor Lenzi, Co-Chair MIT President  of MIT’s Physics Department, “Diamonds, the hardest substance, are the basis for MOH’s hardness scale and rate a 10.  Chocolate’s are rated -3.

Under the right circumstances you can actually put your thumb through a chocolate. They really don’t last anytime at all. If you leave them in a room full of people they will actually disappear. Poof and you’re left with an empty box and some weight gain.

As a gift for…well, say Valentine’s Day…. they say little positive about a relationship. on the other hand diamonds don’t just say ‘I’m carbon based – you’re carbon based”, they speak of a love that will last generations. For a non-fattening gift you can’t put your thumb through we suggest diamonds.

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