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Hey Folks,

As a hotel in Bangor the Ramada is often a home away from home for a huge variety of guests. It is great to see the fine folks that operate the concerts in Bangor already announcing new acts being booked this summer. We know the past few years the concerts have brought a lot of people to Bangor for the sole purpose of attending a show. Our customers rave about how much they love the venue. We even have been lucky enough to put up a few performers and they have stated they love to play there. Those guys that operate the Waterfront Concerts bring a lot of business to Bangor. We find we put more staff on during those shows creating more hours for our own employees. That means bigger paychecks for our staff. We love that. Thank you Waterfront Concerts for all your efforts. We really appreciate being able to accommodate your customers.

To all our customers and concert goers we say this…please don’t wait to book. Some of the concerts that come to Bangor have such a huge draw that rooms sell out fast, sometimes in one day! Typically, hotels with pools, restaurants and shuttle service to the event fill up fast. That means the Bangor Ramada is usually a top choice. Last year we turned away hundreds of Luke Bryan, Phish and Chesney fans because we were sold out. So basically, if you want a great room at a great value and plan on attending a show, book it fast.

Again to the people in charge of the concerts on the Waterfront, we look forward to more great shows in the future. Again, from our staff to yours, THANK YOU!!!