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IMG_6638Pyramid Studios has unearth unique jewelry with a very old story. Trilobites are definitely the oldest pieces in Pyramid Studios’ Jurassic Jewelry collection and are truly fascinating. Trilobites were marine invertebrates that ranged in size from less than 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) to over 2 feet (0.6 m) long, they are among the earliest of known arthropods. New species of trilobites are unearthed every year and they are the most diverse of extinct organisms!

Fossils of these unique creatures make for natural pendants and earrings. And great additions when mixed and matched with other fossilized materials like orthoceras and ammonites or fossil shark teeth. These are Jurassic pieces suitable for both men and women.  Dramatic, striking –  jewelry with a tale to tell.

Fossil Trilobite Sterling Silver PendantTrilobites evolved over 500 million years ago (the Paleozoic Era), and went extinct 248 million years ago (the late Permian period). Trilobites were very common and very diverse; over 15,000 species of trilobites are known. The different trilobite species probably had different diets; some were herbivores (eating plants), some were detrivores (eating decayed material) and some were scavengers (eating carrion). Some trilobites crawled along the sea floor, some swam, and others drifted with ocean currents. Many trilobites had protective spines. Some could roll up into a ball, and some could burrow into the sea floor. However it is thought that the evolution of jawed fish in the oceans may have contributed to the decline of the trilobites, which are not seen as having effective protection against predation.

What is a fossil? Simply put, a fossil is the remains or evidence of any creature or plant that once lived on the Earth.

At Pyramid Studios we are proud of our selection of interesting and fashionable Jurassic Jewelry. Most is appropriate for either a man or woman. Each has a dynamic story to tell. No dinosaur, shark, trilobite or any other extinct creature were harmed in making our fossil jewelry.

We are Pyramid Studios at 10 State Street in Downtown Ellsworth and when it comes to jewelry, we rock. And when it comes to Jurassic Jewelry, we are the folks using extinct material to make distinct jewelry way ahead of it’s time. To view our complete Jurassic line just travel right here.

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Trilobite Sterling Silver Adjustable RingPyramid Studios are full service jewelry professionals located in Ellsworth, Maine for over three decades. Our two master jewelers are always available to meet with customers to consult and custom design engagement, bridal, or any jewelry needs. Pyramid Studios stocks a full in-store inventory of diamonds, colored gems, freshwater, Cook Island, and Akoya Pearls for settings in gold, sterling silver and platinum.

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