What are you looking for?

Dear local friend and future guest.

I think we can all agree that this winter has been a tough one and we are only mid way through January. Yikes. Hopefully mother nature is done but in case she isn’t, we have a special offer for you.

During the first ice storm we accommodated many local folks that lost their power. We housed some guests for over a week. During the ice fiasco this past Saturday we housed many guests that simply couldn’t get home. This winter has been tough. We have been a home away from home for many distressed guests due to this weather. We have even housed the crews fixing the problems.

In the event that we get other storms that cause you a major disruption we are offering a special winter storm rate to our guests. From now until April 1, if you find yourself in need of lodging,  we welcome you to come stay with us at the heavily discounted rate of $79.00. For that rate you get a warm clean comfortable room, free breakfast for your family, use of our huge indoor pool, free wi-fi access and shuttle around town. We have a huge generator at the Ramada so we never loose power. Our showers always work.

So if you find yourself in a pinch over the next couple of months (and we hope you don’t) feel free to reach out to us. We are discounting our rate for you to help soften the blow a little.

So there you have it, we are here for you if you need us.

Take care and safe travels.