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Fossilized Ancient Shark Tooth Jewelry


IMG_6695Pyramid has Exciting jewelry made from fossilized Shark’s Teeth. These teeth are from species of shark long extinct.  Ancient sharks prowled the oceans prior to raptors and T-Rex. Their history goes back to at least 420 million years ago.

Here Pyramid offers bracelets of fossil shark teeth in various colors, some with many shark teeth and others mixed with the fossils of other extinct and fossilized creatures like Orthoceras and Trilobites. Fossil shark teeth pendants in sterling silver earrings in sterling silver and large and small pendants. All jewelry suitable for a man or woman and all with an ancient story. At Pyramid we believe each and every piece of jewelry has a story to tell. But our Jurassic line is special: these are fossils of extinct creatures that are given a new life in the art of jewelry.

IMG_2462-2Modern forms of sharks evolved during the Jurassic Period about 150 million years ago. Fossils are “impressions” of ancient life preserved in rocks. Over thousands to millions of years, minerals replace the natural materials of the teeth creating the fossils that we see today.

The presence of this minerals accounts for the variation in color of the teeth. Whereas modern shark teeth are white, the mineralized teeth are richly colored in grays, blacks and browns. The color of the mineral sediment determines the much of the final color of the fossilized tooth.  No shark was harmed in the making of our jewelry—these predators were extinct eons ago.

At Pyramid Studios we are proud of our selection of interesting and fashionable Jurassic Jewelry. Most is appropriate for either a man or woman. Each has a dynamic story to tell. No dinosaur, shark, orthoceras or any other extinct creature was harmed in making our fossil jewelry.

We are Pyramid Studios at 10 State Street in Downtown Ellsworth and when it comes to jewelry, we rock. And when it comes to Jurassic Jewelry, we are the folks using extinct material to make distinct jewelry way ahead of it’s time. To view our complete Jurassic line just travel right here.

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