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Your hard earned money – everyone is trying to get the most of it as well as their vehicle, whether it‘s new or used. There are some easy gas saving tips that you can do and keep track of, that will help you get the most miles per gallon – regardless of how old your car is or how many miles it has!

First off, your owners manual is a great place to start. While many new vehicle owners are usually inclined to just place this book in the glove box, and forget about it, it does contain a great deal of useful information. Everything from a maintenance schedule to which type of oil your car needs. Speaking of oil, did you know that using the proper grade of oil (a 5w30 for example), can save you up to 6 cents per gallon? Also, keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure goes a long way in saving you money. There is a sticker on the drivers door jamb (this information is also in your owners manual) that tells you the proper pressure for all four tires. Properly inflated tires can save you up to 9 cents a gallon.

However, keeping your car’s engine properly tuned is where you can save the most money. This rings true whether your vehicle has 1200 or 120,000 miles. Changing the engine oil, filters, and spark plugs at the proper intervals for example. Rotating the tires and keeping the vehicle aligned are also important. Is your check engine light on? Even if your car “feels” like it’s running fine, replacing a simple component like an oxygen sensor can increase your fuel economy by as much as 40%!

Still not convinced? How about this – by taking proper care of your vehicle can save as much as 35 cents per gallon. If you use 10 gallons of gas per week, that adds up to almost $200 per year! Plus, simple periodic maintenance will go a long way in avoiding major repairs later on further protecting your investment.