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Ice Dams | Evergreen Home Performance | Attic Insulation | Maine

Ice dams can damage your roof, but they aren’t a roofing problem. This home has problems in the attic with air leaks of warm air from the inside leaking past the attic insulation.

They may be pretty, but ice dams can be dangerous for you and your home. Heavy icicles can pull off gutters, crash to the ground, trap water on the roof deck, and cause serious leaks. There are plenty of ways to treat the symptoms, but Evergreen Home Performance can help you solve the problem for good.

Ice dams form when heat escapes from your living space into a leaky, underinsulated attic and melts snow and ice on the roof. The melted water drains along the roof, under the snow, then refreezes when it reaches the roof’s cold overhang. The resulting icicles are called ice dams because they trap melting water and keep it from draining off the roof. ┬áThe water has to go somewhere though – which is why you get leaks through your walls and ceilings.

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