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Did you know where our current system of band-sizing of bras originated?

Post WWII, the bra-makers of the time (in an effort to make all women feel they were the perfect hourglass shape) sized bands in such a way that we are all closer to “36” than we really are.

They did this is such a way that the narrower your rib cage the more inches you add to find your band and the wider your rib-cage, the fewer…….. and in larger cases even subtract.

Confused by self-fit instructions to “if your rib cage measures an odd number, then add 5 inches, etc”?  Indeed.

For example, if you have a 29″ rib-cage, you would likely fit a 32″ band (adding inches to the measurement to get you closer to the magic 36), but if you measure 38″ at your rib-cage, a 38″ band should fit.  If you measure 44″, you might fit a 42″ band (subtracting to get closer to the magic 36).

What’s even more startling is that the ideal 36-24-36 is based on the BUST (your fullest bosom measurement) not your bra-band anyhow!  Sigh.

So here we are.  Everyone likes to complain about the lack of standardization in sizing.  But actually, we find that undergarment sizing has changed less over time and is more stable than women’s clothing sizing.  More often it is the style and engineering of the cup that affects the fit on YOU more than a difference in manufacturer’s sizing.

All that said, do pay close attention to the fit of your bra-band.  This is the first and most important start to a great fit.  The bra straps are not to do the heavy lifting.

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