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Lucas - lens squareDream Local Digital is a dynamic start up and a rapidly growing digital marketing agency working with small and medium sized businesses nationally on their online marketing strategies, specializing in social media and content marketing. Growing from a garage in a small town in Maine, to an international company serving clients across North America, we had to make sure that the original team was made up of a special group of people, willing to learn new things on the fly, take out the trash, fail on the way to success, work through healthy confusion, and be confident to forge ahead and get things done.  At the core however, these people all share a common interest in and appreciation for the changes that are happening in the culture of communication, public relations, and marketing, and how social media plays a big part. Beyond that, everyone here is a Honey Badger. Regardless of background, experience, degrees, or unique interests, we all follow the ways of the Honey Badger — We don’t stop until we reach our goal, we don’t let stuff get in our way, we keep going and we get it done!

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