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Handpainted Ne’Qwa Art Ornaments at Pyramid Studios in Ellsworth


Ne’Qwa in the Chinese language means hand painting on the inside of glass. This unique art form originated in China several hundred years ago when artists began painting on the inside of snuff bottles.  Collected by emperors and art connoisseurs these miniature works of art became a highly sought after possessions.

Today Ne’Qwa Art keeps this rare art form alive. Highly skilled artisans meticulously reproduce designs by prominent North American and English artists.  Special brushes are hand made according to the various glass shapes and the detail of the art design. Each brush can be as fine as a single strand of hair.

Glass is mouth blown leaving a small opening in which the painter can insert the brush. A combination of inks and paints such as acrylics, oils, watercolors and metallics are used.


Unlike traditional painting techniques, the reverse painting process starts with the foreground and finishes with the background.  The steadiness of hand and the careful manipulation of every stroke is crucial. From outlining, to shading to color application, all the work is painstakingly done in freehand. Depending on the colors used and the complexity of the design, a single creation can take from several hours to several days to complete.

Each Ne’Qwa Art creation is signed by the artist and bears the Ne’Qwa Art logo. Each ornament comes with a hand crafted, satin lined presentation case with a certificate of authenticity, art history and gift card. Perfect for gift giving! As in the Ne’Qwa Art tradition, true beauty comes from within!

Pyramid Studios has a wide variety Ne’Qwa Art ornaments and wine stoppers with colorful designs with holiday themes or inspired by nature such as flowers, hummingbirds and cardinals.

Pyramid-Studios-Jewelry-Ellsworth-Maine-Interior-0021Visit Pyramid Studio in Downtown Ellsworth in the historic Peter’s Block on the Union River at 10 State Street.

Extended holiday hours through Christmas eve are:
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