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The staff at the Bangor Ramada would like to take this brief opportunity to thank the staff at the Bangor International Airport for their incredible effort to help their passengers. There is a lot that goes on at BIA when most of us are sleeping. Here is a short story and a brief example of how hard the BIA crew work and the effort they make to accommodate their passengers.

This really happens:

It’s 2:30 in the morning and the staff at BIA just got word that a plane, a big plane, can not make it’s intended destination for some very valid reason. This time of year weather plays a huge role. The folks at BIA know they are going to have 300 people or so on the ground at any minute that are tired, hungry and probably a little stressed that their travel plans are up in the air. The staff at BIA then works tirelessly to find the passengers and crew accommodations. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and calling a hotel to come get them. The most obvious reason is that there isn’t a single hotel in Bangor that even has 300 rooms so placing all passengers in one hotel is out of the question. There are many obstacles they work around with very little time to do it. For example, transportation of 300 people to area hotels isn’t always easy. The Bangor Ramada has a 15 passenger shuttle van but not all hotels offer that service. The Bangor Ramada also has a full service restaurant that can feed 300 people breakfast, lunch or dinner at the drop of a hat but again, not all hotels are equipped to do that either. It can be tough at times to find enough hotels to take all the guests. If it is a busy shopping weekend and most of the hotels are sold out the staff at BIA might have to organize the placement of passengers at a handful of hotels. This is tough to plan anytime but with very little notice, in the wee hours of the morning, the task is that much harder. Also, often times the staff at BIA helps coordinate payment and that can be very time consuming when time is so valuable.

Everyone that flies in and out of Bangor knows that the service they receive is incredible. The staff always goes the extra mile to guarantee passenger satisfaction. As a hotelier in Bangor, I can testify that our airport is a true asset to our hotel community. What is more clear as a hotelier in Bangor is that the staff at Bangor International Airport is what makes BIA the valuable asset that it is.  Keep up the great work BIA, we truly appreciate all you do.

Happy Holidays,

Free R. Martin CHA

Ramada Bangor