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Holiday Energy Saving Tips | Evergreen Home Performance | Energy Audits & Insulation | MaineBring your energy costs down without compromising your holiday with these simple energy saving tips from Evergreen Home Performance:

  • Invest in festive, frugal decorations. The traditional strings of big-bulbs may be costing you a bundle! Energy Star-qualified LED lights use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent strings, and automatic timers (both indoors and out) eliminate hassle and wasted energy.
  • Turn down the heat. Whether you’re hosting friends and family or heading out of town, be sure to program your thermostat for maximum savings. Extra cooking and extra people will make your home warmer than usual, so turn down the heat before the party starts. Do the same before you leave on vacation.
  • Dress your windows. Like the look of candles in the windows but hate the heat loss that goes with open curtains? Easy-to-install window inserts are the answer for the holiday season and beyond. Lightweight acrylic Indow Windows are custom-built for each window and deliver the energy savings of a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost.

Follow these tips and spend the season counting your blessings – not your energy bills.