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In early times, gemstones were believed to possess magical properties. Some minerals were thought to contain a force or hold certain values and powers.

admin-ajax (46)Tradition associates a gem with each sign of the zodiac based on a color system. Color was thought to unleash the power attributed to the stone. The Roman, Arabic, Jewish, Polish, Russian and Italian birthstone lists were all different.

What all have in common, in most months, is color – which allows everyone a wider choice and gemstones to fit your lifestyle and personal fashion.

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone found only in one place in the world in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite’s color is purple to blue or blue to purple with hints of burgundy – this color variation, called trichroism is apparent in different types of light.    Shop Tanzanite

Blue ZirconZircon. 
The ring at right features a beautiful, Natural Blue Zircon. Blue zircon is the most brilliant blue gemstone found. Zircons have more sparkle than sapphires with a refractive index second only to diamond. Don’t confuse this exemplary gemstone with man made cubic zirconia. Shop Zircon

Blue Topaz.
A tried and true blue gemstone that never quits and is always affordable. Blue topaz is a classic wardrobe staple. Blue topaz ranges in color from the light Swiss Blues to more intense or saturated colors.  Shop Blue Topaz

Turquoise has been revered from Tibet to Ancient Egypt and early Native Americans as a spiritual stone and bringer of good fortune. Sleeping Beauty turquoise mined in the Western US is sky blue to deep royal blue. Turquoise can range in color from blue to blue greens and may feature veining or matrix.    Shop Turquoise

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