What are you looking for?

by Jeff Howland

Where do stories come from? How are they told? What is your story?

I love a good story, so tell me what made you risk it all to start a new business, when 50-70% fail within the first 18 months…tell me how you first learned your craft as a kid and how you’re now ready to share it with the world…how you felt when you made the move from your garage to a store on Main Street. Go ahead, tell me, I’ll listen. And when I’m done listening, your story will stay with me, whether I’m in the market to buy or not.

In today’s media environment you’ll hear a lot about ‘telling your story.’ You’ll hear it called native advertising. You’ll see magazine ads that look like articles, you’ll see elaborate design and video atop websites, with the accompanying words, ‘Sponsored Content’, warning you to wade carefully.

Businesses are telling their stories in social media, native advertising, video, and anywhere else people are clicking. Small businesses have a huge opportunity here, as their core stories are often easier to find and they typically connect with a more defined, narrow audience.

When we help clients with their social media, we’re ultimately telling their story. We’re doing it in many ways and with many different tools, but ultimately it comes down to that.

Write your story down and then let’s tell the world together.