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Hey Folks,

What wonderful momentum Bangor is receiving from our lovely Canadian friends. If you live in Bangor and drive around the mall, downtown or area hotels you surely have noticed an abundance of Canadian license plates. I personally have worked in the hotel business in Bangor nearly 20 years and I have never witnessed the volume of Canadians this high. I can’t put into words what a wonderful thing this is for Bangor. At the Ramada, we love accommodating our friends to the North. They are always a fun, happy bunch that enjoys all our fine city has to offer. They not only frequent the hotels but also the restaurants, retail shops, area attractions and so much more. The economic impact that the people from Canada have on our city is incredible. They are huge job creators and should be treated like gold because to us, they are.

As far as I am concerned everyday should be “Canadian Appreciation Day” because without their willingness to make Bangor one of their top destinations, Bangor wouldn’t be thriving as much as it is today. SO share with me in thanking a Canadian today. Let’s all show them the fine hospitality that Bangor has to offer.

Free R. Martin CHA

General Manager