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At Pyramid we find ammonites one of the most exciting of  fossilized materials – they naturally lend themselves to jewelry concepts. We don’t have to think hard about designs utilizing ammonites – the spiraling art and color is built into the ammonite fossil. They work with all jewelry types and most pieces work with women or men.

The name “ammonite” is derived from the ancient Egyptian god Ammon, who considered them to be divine. He is represented by the head of a ram with twisted spiral horns, reminiscent of the twisted shells of the ammonite. Ammonites thrived from around 435 million years ago. Their fossils were one of the first forms of jewelry: from cavemen to present day!

Fosssil Ammonite Sterling Silver PendantAmmonites were predatory, squidlike creatures that lived inside coil-shaped shells. Like other cephalopods, ammonites had sharp, beaklike jaws inside a ring of tentacles that extended from their shells to snare prey such as small fish and crustaceans. Some ammonites grew more than three feet (one meter) across—possible snack food for the giant mosasau

During the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, ammonites evolved more streamlined shells for swimming and the structure of their shells became stronger. Different shell shapes also emerged, such as snail-like or uncoiled. (An AmmoLITE is an Ammonoid that over millions and millions of years and through contact with various minerals obtained a rainbow hue. In 1981, the International Commission for Colored Stones accepted ammolite as an organic precious stone.

Fossilized Ammonite Sterling Silver Adjustable RingWhat is a fossil? Simply put, a fossil is the remains or evidence of any creature or plant that once lived on the Earth.

At Pyramid Studios we are proud of our selection of interesting and fashionable Jurassic Jewelry. Most is appropriate for either a man or woman. Each has a dynamic story to tell. No dinosaur, shark, trilobite or any other extinct creature were harmed in making our fossil jewelry.

We are Pyramid Studios at 10 State Street in Downtown Ellsworth and when it comes to jewelry, we rock. And when it comes to Jurassic Jewelry, we are the folks using extinct material to make distinct jewelry way ahead of it’s time. To view our complete Jurassic line just travel right here.

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