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Eureka Blue Tourmaline 14kt Gold Bangleb


Wear the power with this one of a kind bracelet designed by our very own jeweler and master goldsmith, Don. This bracelet contains the rare Eureka Blue Tourmaline mined in the western hills of Maine. It is dark blue and measures 17mm x 6mm. The cuff has a hammered texture and has a clip closure worked into the design on the front to make it easy to put on and take off.

The story of Eureka Blue Tourmaline is the stuff of legend.

It begins like this:

Imagine you are a Maine social worker who has gem hunting as a hobby. You’ve mined off and on for five years and found a few odds and ends. A decision comes, it’s time to get serious–so you buy some land that looks promising. Mining equipment is purchased and the big day has come to start digging-but the day you are to unload the the the equipment – there on ground is a blue tourmaline. And it’s bright, clear cerulean blue. Cool, huh. Now imagine digging a bit deeper, say four feet, and finding a pocket of gems – and that pocket goes deeper…even better, huh.

Eureka Blue BangleThe first stone you find is 111 carats of blue tourmaline.  The story gets even better—click here for the tale of  Louise Jonaitis and her Eureka Blue discovery.
Pyramid Studios is an favored dealer of Eureka Blue Tourmaline from Maine. David, co-owner of Pyramid Studios, recalls, ” We were one of Louise’s first customer’s when she was still a therapist and selling trays of tourmaline part time. She always came with as many questions as she did stones. We tried to nurture her along in those early days. The 2009 discovery was exciting and couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Now we’re one of the few jewelers able to feature Eureka Blue. She treats us right and we try to pass it on to our customers.”

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