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“All Art is autobiographical. The pearl is an oyster’s autobiography” Federico Fellini

Baroque Pearls are perfectly imperfect and we celebrate this with a necklace of baroque Akoyas.

Recently Updated11These pearls are baroque in shape and each pearl is unique. We love these pearls because we highly prize nacre as the most beautiful part of the pearl. These pearls have very nice luster and nacre but are so much more affordable than perfectly round pearls. The pearls are 7 – 7.5mm and are traditionally knotted between each pearl. The toggle clasp is gold filled.

The traditional round Akoya Pearls are those which all other are judged. When you see Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”—those were Akoya Pearls she’s sporting.

Throughout history, pearls have been cherished as symbols of perfection and purity. The tradition of giving pearls to brides dates back centuries to symbolize purity and innocence.

Baroque Akoya Pearl 18inch Necklace b


Akoya pearl body colors range from the most desirable pink rose to white but strands in cream to yellow colors can be very flattering with certain skin tones. Overtone colors may be slight pink, green, blue or silver. Overtone refers to the subtle colors that the pearl reflects and is visible in the darker sections of the pearl. The play of these lustrous colors when the pearls move in the light is a pearl’s iridescence or orient. Akoya pearls are revered for their depth or inner glow, high luster and polish.

We love the Baroque Akoya because it salutes the imperfection of perfection.

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