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Mainers are experiment with low-carbon living this week during the first Portland No Impact Week. Evergreen Home Performance is proud to sponsor the one-week carbon cleanse, which challenges people to make realistic behavior changes that reduce their impact on the environment and improve their quality of life

“For some people, No Impact Week is a hardcore event with no cars or lights on,” says organizer Carol Masterson. “For others it means bringing their own cup to the coffee shop.” Participants are united in their efforts to bike or walk instead of driving, to eat locally grown foods, to use less water, and to create less trash.

Carbon cleansers can share tips on the Portland No Impact Facebook page and check out these green iPhone Apps:

Get Green : Find tips for how to be eco-friendly and save money.

GreenMeter: Calculates driving habits and offers suggestions about how to cut down on fuel and increase efficiency.

iLocavore: Find local producers, independent retailers, and restaurants featuring local foods all based on your current location.

iRecycle : Find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S, including those that will accept your old cell, phone, water bottle, motor oil and other unique items.

If you’re looking to make significant, long-term changes to your carbon footprint, schedule a FREE Energy Consult with Evergreen Home Performance. Strategic air sealing and insulation will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, lowering your energy bills and your impact on the environment. Call 594-2244 to get started today!