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There is nothing else in the world like opals – so beautiful and distinctive that they have necessitated an adjective just to describe them: opalescent. Opals brilliance of color, pattern and the ability of opal to change color in varying light make the Australian opal a very desirable gemstone for jewelry. Opal is October’s birthstone and each Opal is unique. All these fiery one-of-a-kind qualities make the Opal a Pyramid favorite for jewelry of distinction that work with any occasion.








Opal is the gemstone of a thousand colors, called the “Rainbow Stone” by Australia’s aboriginal people.  97% of precious opals come from down under. Australian Opals, alive with color are Pyramid’s favorite member of the opal family. Most opal are more than 60 million years old and are considered a “living stone” which means it must be protected from heat and detergents that dry out the gem.


Nature’s own kaleidoscope, the Australian Opal, with its ever-changing, prismatic rainbow of colors that shimmers and shifts as the light strikes from different angles. This lustrous, multicolored, iridescent light show has impressed humanity since antiquity. Pyramid has a selection of opals we know will impress you.

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