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Don’t waste time wrapping your windows with plastic you’ll just have to pull down and replace next season – invest in durable, easy-to-install window inserts. Lightweight acrylic Indow Windows are custom-built for each window and stay in place thanks to a patent-pending silicone spring bulb.   Even better, Indow Windows deliver the energy savings of a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost.

Evergreen Home Performance is proud to offer Indow Windows to Maine homeowners. As Maine’s leading home performance contractor, Evergreen is already well respected for providing energy analysis and energy-smart services like insulation, air sealing, and basement encapsulation. To learn more about Indow Windows, and about other energy-smart service that improve comfort and cut costs, schedule a FREE energy consult with one of Evergreen’s BPI-certified Energy Advisors.