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Our last post gave us a better look at the new Chevy Silverado for 2014. In this 2nd part, we’ll examine the lowdown on the GMC Sierra. Many truck buyers may look at these two trucks, and think, aside from some different body treatments, are these two trucks any different?  The answer is yes and no. For years, there were only mild differences, but GM is taking steps for 2014 in making these trucks more unique and thus catering to different buyers. The bottom line question is – which one is right for you?




     While it’s true that General Motors does sell more Silverado’s than Sierras nationally, the good news is the Sierra does share a vast amount of suspension, brake, and steering system components with the Silverado. That means great parts availability and value down the road. On the other side of the coin, it does not mean both trucks are identical. The GMC Sierra does offer considerably more standard equipment than the Silverado for only a few hundred dollars more. GMC tends to be marketed more towards professionals, (while Chevy is aimed towards the mass-market), a truck that is not part of the herd, and offers the buyer a little more exclusivity or a little more upscale. These details can be seen in features like the upgraded dash layout, interior features, and trim. Not to mention several exterior design cues like Projector Beam Headlamps, Back-up camera and protective wheel flares and wheelhouse liners.




     Sometimes[MEC1]  differences comes down to options GMC’s very successful Denali line of vehicles all began with the Sierra.  The Sierra Denali delivers luxury to customers who desire an experience that just isn’t available ANY OTHER brand, including Chevy:  Power. Technology. Performance. All wrapped with “signature” cues that include the iconic chrome Denali grille, wood-grain accents, lighted sill plates and a higher performance drive-train. [MEC2]  With that, comes more horsepower and torque; which can equal a better towing and hauling truck, depending on your need and utility. Of course, in the end, you need to experience each truck to see which one fits you best.


 [MEC1]The 6.2L is available in Silverado.

 [MEC2]Found replacement material….please feel free to edit and improve the flow of the paragraph.  Needs workJ