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“On the Curve”, Pyramid Studios new line of artisan jewelry is brilliant: in both artistry and design. These earrings, pendants and bracelets grab the eye. They’re hand forged and highly polished, given extra life by the way light strikes them. Simple, creative, stylish, and graceful all fit “On The Curve”.

Jewelry is meant to be touched and excite the tactile senses. Women have an endearing habit of touching and stroking their earrings or turning rings on their fingers. The feel of jewelry adds significance emotional attachment to the piece.

Here’s an example: we have a bead specialist at Pyramid Studios who, when given a new bead or piece of jewelry, will only give it a cursory inspection before passing it across her lower lip, which is extra packed, on everyone, with sensory preceptors.

Hand forged means this these pieces are one of a kind and not “die cast. The pounded texture of the leaf earrings in the line are probably the most pronounced example of the hand forging–the pounded metal and high brilliance makes the leaves glitter from every angle.

“On the Curve”earrings and pendants come in a wide varied for materials and styles: gold, gold filled and sterling silver. Some of the earrings are a two-toned with a mixture of silver and gold filled earrings. Some are given “infinity” wraps of gold or silver wire for added flair and texture. A few of the earring styles come in “small, medium and large” sizing so every personal flair and style, or earrings to match a specific occasion can be met.

Our “On the Curve” was named for brilliant designs that reflect nature and their exciting tactile feel. We hope you this new Pyramid line of earrings, pendants and bracelets excite you as much as they did us.

Visit us at 10 State St. in Downtown Ellsworth, Maine and experience the thrill of being “On the Curve”! Check out the entire line by clicking here.


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Pyramid Studios are full service jewelry professionals located in Ellsworth, Maine for over three decades. Our two master jewelers are always available to meet with customers to consult and custom design engagement, bridal, or any jewelry needs. Pyramid Studios stocks a full in-store inventory of diamonds, colored gems, freshwater, Cook Island, and Akoya Pearls for settings in gold, sterling silver and platinum. Other services include complete jewelry repair, care and cleaning, watch battery replacement and re-stranding  services by our beading department.
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