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Children throughout Maine are back to school today, bringing a sigh of relief for busy parents and an unmistakable reminder that “sweater weather” is right around the corner. Before back-to-school-anxiety turns into heating-season-anxiety, find out how your home can be cozy, comfortable, and affordable to heat with a FREE energy consult from Evergreen Home Performance.

In the typical Maine home, warm air leaks out through nooks, crannies, and uninsulated spaces all winter long, only to be replaced by cold air rushing in at or below ground level.  This constant air exchange means you’re burning oil – and money – to heat air that will soon be outside your house. Your FREE energy consult from Evergreen includes infrared analysis to help you identify where warm air is escaping and understand why you pay big bucks on fuel and still feel cold. When you and your Energy Advisor know where energy is being wasted, you can customize an energy efficiency solution.

Avoid that heating-season-anxiety by investing in energy efficiency and cut your energy bills by 25-50%.  Contact Evergreen Home Performance at 594-2244 to learn more and to schedule your FREE energy consult.