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David from Pyramid Studios, Jewelers in Ellsworth, designed and built this slice  of heaven on the right. It is a 31ct watermelon tourmaline slice 14kt yellow gold pendant. This tourmaline slice was cut and polished from one large crystal. Bezel set at the top is a 1/2 carat 5mm faceted rich pink tourmaline. Bezel set at the lower corners are a pair of 2.5mm faceted emerald green chrome tourmaline. The pendant measure 1 5/8 inch in length and 1 1/8 inch in width.

Tourmaline is synonymous with Pyramid Studios’ home State of Maine. The first gemstone mine in the United States was for tourmaline at the Mt. Mica mine our western mountains. It’s our official state gemstone. Maine is famous for our green minty tourmalines and most recently the large Eureka Blue deposits discovered in 2009 by Louise Jonaitis and friends. Tourmaline is one of Pyramids favored stones and the folks that mine them some of our favorite vendor/friends. A standout in the tourmaline family, and our hearts, is the fascinating watermelon tourmaline.

Watermelon tourmaline is a variety of concentrically color-zoned tourmaline with red interiors and green exteriors and is distinct from longitudinal bi-color or polychrome zonation. Basically this translates into coloring resembles the pink flesh and green rind of a watermelon. The watermelon tourmaline crystals are often cut 47-10206 Watermelon Tourmaline Earringscross-section into thin slices to show a distinct concentric triangular or hexagonal pattern where a pink core is surrounded by a green rind.

The named was coined by George Robeley Howe (1860-1950) of Norway, Maine, USA. The name was first used in a newspaper account in 1910 when describing specimens from the Havey Quarry in Poland, Maine, USA. The name was used in an international publication, Mineral Resources of the United States, by Douglas B. Sterrett in 1911.

14.18 ct Watermelon Tourmaline 14kt Gold Pendant 48-10226At Pyramid Studios we love working with watermelon tourmaline. It has an organic and magical quality–the stone in the pendant at left is regal, graceful – bound with femininity and romance. You can “feel” power in this incredible piece of jewelry.

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